Ilaria Piccozzi

About Ilaria Piccozzi

Pedagogist in charge of Monitoring & Evaluation

Ilaria is a primary school teacher (mathematics, science and technology) and a “Coordinating Internship Tutor” for students in Primary Education Sciences at the University of Turin. She is involved in educational research and is an experienced teacher in the cognitive mediation method “Bright Start” by C. Haywood and classroom management in Cooperative Learning.

Having graduated in Educational Sciences, she possesses experience in training trainers within private companies, and holds an MBA master’s degree from the School of Business Administration at the University of Turin, where her thesis focused on innovating the school system through teacher training strategies. Her commitment extends to providing initial and in-service training for teachers and educators.

She conducts training courses for teachers on Vertical Curriculum, Didactic Design, and Assessment and organizes workshops aimed at developing skills in pre-primary education. She was a kindergarten teacher and has held various positions: “Training coordinator for teachers”, “Curriculum coordinator”, “Coordinator for students with special needs”, “Erasmus Project Designer”.

She has been a contracted lecturer for the teaching of Docimology in Active Training Internship, and she is currently a teaching lecturer in Educational Research in the Professional Education Degree program, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, and Experimental Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education Sciences.

Among her publications are “Computerized gaming as a tool for cognitive enhancement”[1], and “The mathematical text in a narrative key for developing analysis and problem-solving strategies in multicultural contexts”[2].

Ilaria is the pedagogist of the pilot phase of the project “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Coding and Chess for Primary School” approved by the EU Erasmus+ Programme.

In the near future she intends to engage in research on misconceptions/bias in mathematics and natural sciences education, as well as innovative teaching approaches in STEM.

Ilaria loves the mountains and all activities related to them, philosophy, and traveling.

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