Team Members

Paolo Sartorelli

Project Coordinator & Manager

Paolo has a background in Physics. He was the developer of our pilot Project proposal that was approved and funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. On behalf of the Asteria Culture Centre he is in charge of the coordination of the experts’ Team and of the management of the Project.

Ilaria Piccozzi

Pedagogist in charge of Monitoring & Evaluation

Ilaria is a Pedagogist and a primary school teacher. She operates since long time with the research department of Experimental Pedagogy of the Turin University (Prof. R. Trinchero). Ilaria is currently in charge of the Monitoring & Evaluation component of our Project.

Rolf Niemann

Author of coding and AI lessons

Rolf is a Physicist. He is a staff member of the Vattenhallen Science Center of the Lund University (one of our project partners). Within our activities, he oversees the development of the Coding and the Artificial Intelligence lessons (for some aspects, in collaboration with Jesper Hall). Furthermore, he will support as a tutor in the training to Swedish teachers and provide support to Alessandro Dominici for the components of training to teachers related to both Coding and AI.

Jesper B. Hall

Author of chess and AI lessons

Jesper, chair of the Educational Commission of the European Chess Union (ECU), is in charge of integration of Chess as a key opening to the understanding the key concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Coding. Furthermore, he is developing some of the 12 lessons in collaboration with Rolf Niemann and will act as a tutor in the training to Swedish teachers.

Alessandro Dominici

Responsible of Training of Teachers

Alessandro, who has a long experience in training of teachers involved in teaching chess as an educational tool, is in charge of the Training to Teachers component of our Project.

Elisabetta Stocchi

as directress of the Asteria Culture Centre, is the leader of our Project.

Elisabetta, as directress of the Asteria Culture Centre, is the leader of our Project.